Saturday, April 29, 2006

Beyond Boundaries

As to the roaming of sages,
They move in utter emptiness,
Let their minds meander in the great nothingness;
They run beyond convention
And go through where there is no gateway.
They listen to the soundless
And look at the formless,
They are not constrained by society
And not bound to its customs.
Well yes, if you keep at observing without judgement. You will end up seeing the formless, and hearing the soundless. You don't need to roam around to discover this.
Since you cannot understand absolute reality by thinking which is dualistic, you can try observing it, i. e. without thinking. To stop thinking you have to stop making judgements, and seeking understanding.
More about this later.
I almost forgot, if you avoid company or society, you also don't have to worry about customs, rules and regulation. But this is not healthy. This is isolation and loneliness. Of course, you will get used to it. And you will be happy, filled with ecstasy. But think about it before living this way.
Moreover, sooner or later, you will want to share you ecstasy to other people so you start writing silly poems like this one and hope someday everybody will read it and you become famous. Which indeed happens. But you are already dead to realize that.
Deep silence is enlightenment.
actually that is the view of the sage from the lower vantage point, the truth is that the sage has a mind fixed on the most involved and complex matters of all, to him our heads are empty and he is overworked.
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