Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Anonymous Poster

I had a fairly long and futile discussion with "Anonymous" this weekend over the Tank Man entry. I understand where he is coming from, but it seems there is an undercurrent of confrontation in his posts. He has interesting observations and opinions and I have been reluctant to bar his postings from my blog for those reasons. Has any one barred him from their blog because of his provocative nature? Just curious. He doesn't seem to have a blog of his own.
John, I am interested as well, I have a lead that sounds promising, even a link to check out. I will let you know.
I regard comments of this nature by "anonymous" folk as a form of flaming -- visiting around blogs and being oppositional.
Well when I see this kind of stuff now I don't look so much at the content but the state of consciousness behind it, and a state with the implicit assumption that some kind of intellectual fanagling (sp?) will get you somewhere is less than awake regardless of how meticulous you might be in making sure it makes non-dual logic. This is why very little information (tho appropriate to the moment) can serve as a key when the situation is right, and at other times all the subtle mental efforting will just keep the big wheel turnin.
ever notice, some people with the highest IQs are the lowest and dumbest when it comes to interpersonal relationships?
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