Friday, March 24, 2006


Sagehood has nothing to do with governing others
but is a matter of ordering oneself. Nobility has
nothing to do with power and rank but is a matter
of self realization. Attain self-realization, and the
whole world is found in the self. Happiness has
nothing to do with wealth and status, but is a matter
of harmony.

Every thought in consciousness has been born into form,
a temporary form and then it dies and goes onto another
form. You could say the whole world is consciousness
having taken birth as form, manifesting as form temporarily,
and then dying which means dissolving as form. What always
remains is the "essence" of all that exists - consciousness
Eckhart Tolle
that is my point exactly, what is most real, is not 'mother nature', and, what is most permanent, is not 'mother nature',

but is the SPIRIT that passes thru her.
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