Saturday, March 04, 2006

Transcendence of Beliefs

In response to George's latest blog entry , Vehicles, I wrote the following.

Why worry about what you believe or how you came to believe what you believe? As you say, it comes down to what works for you, but seen from other points of view, you can either be seen as more transparent to Consciousness, a wise man, a flake, a heretic, a great lover, a fool, some, or all of these descriptions, or none of them. Yet, ultimately, none of these descriptions capture the beauty of your essence or the evolution of your growth as a human being because each of us only sees a glimpse of the other over small periods of time. Only by going beyond time and mental labels do each of us have a chance at glimpsing the totality of another and that experience is beyond words or labels. So, the immediate mindless experience of understanding who you really are will always transcend the labels and beliefs of who you are. All those signposts aren't you, they just point to you. All those beliefs aren't you, they just get you where you need to Be. This is the case for each of us. Ultimately, it's not what we each think that matters, but how we feel and experience life and convey that experience and love to each other via loving kindness and empathy that ultimately matters. This seems to be the heart and soul of the great spiritual teachings. Yet, it is so simple people dismiss it. Universal Spirituality is probably like the Universal Equation that physicists seek, simple and elegant and beautiful - NO MAN, I AM, NO THING/NO SOUND, etc. Morong (another commentator who retorted, "Deep Silence".) said it most elegantly and two words don't make a religion. They describe an experience. They point the way. They enlighten rather than constrict and constrain. All religions constrain, even the most enlightened. Sooner or later, you must transcend your religion/belief system.
Like a thief reason sneaked in and sat amongst the lovers eager to give them advice. They were unwilling to listen, so reason kissed their feet and went on its way.

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