Saturday, March 11, 2006

Touched by a young wise woman

Got enough sleep and meditated well. Guess I'm at peace to a large extent. Quiet at work. Will be an uneventful night. Read some entries of Anonymous Julie. I'm impressed by her innate wisdom and connection with nature. She seems to be wise beyond her years for a 24 year old. The fact that she can spell and write excellent poetry gives me hope considering that many of her peers can't spell or construct a decent sentence. Evidently, wherever she grew up, the educational system there hadn't deteriorated unlike here in Texas. The previous opinion may be too harsh considering that I have little data to go on as I don't have kids. Time to just be Present and enjoy the Now. It's all I have anyway.
"wise beyond her years" and "gives YOU hope", hope for what and wise compared to who?
Read her blog and decide for yourself. My hopes don't matter. My opinions mean little, but I do like her music.
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