Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Snake People

This is strange. Anonymous Julie had an entry March 12th, about Native American names or signs. Stacey followed the thread in an interesting March 15th blog entry about the Native American zodiac. I am snake people it seems. What is odd is that it fits me. I knew I had an Indian soul, but never thought about dwelling on it since I don't know which tribe I was with in that previous life. Besides, all I have is Now and labels and names mean little, although personality and character may be lasting traits throughout lifetimes. What is Universal Intelligence up to? What spiritual roles do George, Julie, Stacey, I, and others play in the dance of Life? Am I doing any damn good at all? Have I brought any one any happiness lately? Does anything I do matter? Should I just Be and let Life take its course? Let "God" steer, although "God" directs me regardless, this I know. I hear my own music, but except for close friends, the friends listed above and perhaps those who read my blog, most are deaf to my song. Or, at least, it appears that way.
There are only intellectual answers for intellectual questions, and the answers for spiritual questions cannot be known in the same way. In reading your profile, it seems that you might be very intelligent, what with the PhD and all. In some ways that's a hindrance to be overcome.

"It is not understood by those who understand it; it is understood by those who do not understand it." That's from the Kena upanishad, and I don't know Sanskrit so that's the best I can offer in a translation. Point being - quit trying so hard and worrying so much, why does it matter what anybody thinks of you anyway?, you're tying yourself in knots with all this thinking.

You mentioned "meditating well" in a past post. What do you mean by that?
Yes, my mind is strong. Sometimes it runs away with me and I am lost in thought. Sometimes, I can still my mind and feel my inner self. Today, I meditated and my mind stilled and then I had a light fill my vision and I felt an explosion of feeling in my head and then whole body, and I felt my inner being very strongly. Just being. Haven't had that happen in two years with the light. Usually lucky enough just to have a still mind and feel my inner body intensely, (that is meditiating well) just being. A peace enveloping me and knowing that this feeling is the real me, not my mind and its concerns and worries. Its a form of bliss, a satori during meditation. Sometimes I have satori when I am driving into work when the Sun is shining through a cloud just so and I can see the rays of sunshine. The peace envelops me and it is a perfect moment without thought and full of bliss and love.
I suppose I should have stated that I know what you are talking about. It is the quality of consciousness that matters. I know I am the observer or watcher, not the thinker, but sometimes the thinker overwhelms me and I become lost in the dream. Feeling my inner self allows me to go beyond my mind. It stills it.
Good gravy, holy comment storm Batman! Of course I just saw about 30 comments at the same time over here; accidentally had comment moderation turned on, oops.

Thank you for the affirmative words; thank you also for the view into how you percieve things.

More later; bloggerdom takes a lot of energy!
You are such a joy, Julie! Loved the Batman quote! :-) I feel very blessed to know you even in this limited forum. I recognize the same beauty and sacredness in you that is in me. Namaste, sweet and beautiful soul! May you awaken fully to your inner purpose and may your outer reality be as beautiful, loving and fulfilling as your soul. You are a rare and precious jewel of light in a World in twilight, a human world deciding whether to plunge into darkness or awaken into the Light. You awaken my soul and bring me laughter and joy. Thank you for that gift.
Of course you bring happiness into the world! You've brought me happiness, and you give happiness anytime you smile at someone. Who knows when you'll smile at someone who really needs it? You're a blessing, John.
Thank you for the kind words, Stacey. I was despairing a bit when I wrote those words. I had a moment of doubt.
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