Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Sometimes I hear God's voice when a bird sings, calling to me, reminding me to awaken from the dream of thought and preconceptions. Sometimes I see God's beauty in a sunrise or sunset, or the Sun partially behind some wispy dark clouds, the rays of sunlight just so - a still, soundless beauty. The mind stills. A whole, complete full moment of joy, without cares, without worries, full of bliss. Then it is gone. My mind returns and all I have is a memory of it. A satori come and gone in an instant. My task now is to make these moments last longer, to just be. To empty the cup of my mind, to be a naked man climbing a barbed wire fence - the essence of Zen and Buddhism, Tao, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Sufism, Islam, and probably countless other religions through time is this. Who is writing this? Who is reading this?
i'm reading it, so....
I'm reading this. By the way, it might hurt to climb a barbed wire fence naked.... just so you know.
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