Thursday, March 30, 2006

Listening to The Power of Now

Still trapped in my mind. Find myself thinking about my response to Annie's entry. Realize that I am insane/unconscious. At work, put the The Power of Now audiobook on. Listening to the audiobook stills my mind and then I can feel my inner body. I feel Present. I don't know how my mind rebounded so quickly and locked me into this looping dialog within my head. Is my pain body feeding? I'm free for now and can feel a sense of peace.
John, you are not insane or unconscious. You're just going through human emotions. I think even the most enlightened of people go through that, even if they don't like to admit to it.
Turn to yourself and God, that is what will ultimately be real, that is what should be nurtured, that is what should become your 'solid ground' when dealing with people in the world.

Don't put the load on people, they cannot handle it, cannot be consistent and they are to be excused for it, but your mind will force itself on them.
Let it be. Don't try to escape.
It's too expensive.
This is on the bottom of the list by now and I don't know about this entry by Annie, but here's a simple thought: Rather than listening to The Power of Now audiobook, how about just listening to the power of Now? ;-) Sometimes it's like there's too much focus on the pathology of mind, we all know it goes kinda nuts by now so lets focus on the .. medicine? Well, whatever word you would use to describe the "Now".
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