Friday, January 06, 2006

An Oxymoron?

Living in the Future - what does that mean? Was reading George Breed's blog. He was quoting someone else's observations and ideas about the future. The writer said that some people are living in the future already. I understood what he meant, but I believe it to be misleading. Living in the future is an oxymoron. We can only live now. All there is is now. Some may be wholly living in the now, but the world has only changed for them. For the rest of us, the world is still the same. We are trying to wake up. Therefore, we are all inmates on holiday from the asylum, so to speak - trapped in our minds and trying to recover our wits so to speak, more like recover our "Real" identity in actuality. I'm listening to CNN's talking heads. Will either mute them or change the channel. They're like verbal buzzards circling over Sharon's body at the hospital in Isreal waiting for him to either die or take root as a vegetable - not as much news as trivial gossip you'd find in a small town where the women have nothing to do but talk about other's woes, misfortunes, foibles, tragedies, etc. TV journalists are trying to make something from nothing, turning a minor event into a drama of major proportions. If it were you or me, most likely the doctors would not be going to the heroic lengths to save us as they are with Sharon if we were in his state. What quality of life will he have if they succeed in their endeavors? Perhaps, they should just stop and see what happens. Who knows? I do know that I wouldn't wish to awaken from the type of major strokes he's having. How much of his brain is intact at this point? Not even his doctors know.
John, Thank you for your good words. They are helpful.

As to tee vee, you might check out Mother Damnable's blog today. Her link is on my blog.
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