Sunday, January 22, 2006


You are like brilliant sunlight filtered through a beautifully clear, perfect, faceted diamond. A flawless thing of beauty enhancing another thing of beauty. A glorious, beautiful soul in a sensual, gorgeous feminine form blazing from two sapphire blue eyes, laughing and smiling from a mouth framed by sensuous full lips and perfect pearly white teeth. Your smile is like the Sun bursting from behind dark storm clouds, full of joy and warmth. These words do you no justice. Are there any words fit to describe such a work of art in human form? Are there any words fit to describe a fragrant red rose drenched in morning dew, its open petals welcoming the rising Sun? Are there any words worthy enough to convey the experience of loving an Aphrodite? All I know is that you have blessed me with your friendship and companionship. It is most difficult to let go of someone so beautiful. Butterflies are meant to fly free, their beauty to be admired and enjoyed, to be experienced.

I wish I lived in the same city as she does, but it is as it is at this time. So, I must let her go for now until I can visit her on her birthday. It is difficult. I hope and pray she has a wonderful day in Chicago!
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