Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Simple Joys

A beautiful flower, the glance and smile of someone you find attractive;
Watching a child or a cat play, a sunrise or a sunset;
The company of good friends, the caress of a lover;
The first kiss when you KNOW you are simply loved by another;
The contentment that arises from a passionate night of love making;
The smile of your beloved, your beloved's laughter and joy;
The purr of a cat or kitten, the playful bark of a puppy or dog;
A child's laughter, a child's wide-eyed wonderment;
Brushing your beloved's hair, giving your beloved a massage;
Receiving a beloved's email or letter, writing prose or poetry to your beloved;
Composing a song for your beloved, singing a hymn to God;
Singing a song to your beloved, dancing with your beloved;
Dining with your friends or family or beloved;
Looking at the sky on a dark clear night in the country in awe of the vastness of the Milky Way and the Universe;
Admiring a masterpiece at an art gallery or any art or form crafted by love and insight for that matter;
Performing any act from insight and wisdom and love;
Teaching any one something useful;
Loving someone unconditionally in spite of labels and stereotypes - from insight and wisdom, from laughter and joy and the heart, rather than appearances and wealth and shallow banter;
Watching dust motes in a sunbeam;
Watching the Sun shine through clouds;
Cleaning the house or mowing the yard;
Listening to a songbird, watching a mockingbird chase a squirrel;
The satisfaction of a job well done when you've worked very hard to bring it to fruition;
Seeing someone you love graduate from school or college;
A telephone call from a loved one;
I could name many more simple joys. So many of these we forget or take for granted. The love turns to hate. The laughter dies, the smile turns to a frown. It need not always be so, so long as we remember to not take ourselves or any one else seriously in day to day matters. There can be no Hate where there is True Love, for there is no opposite to True Love. There is no Insanity when True Sanity is achieved. So, be grateful for the simple Joys you find in each moment. It is God speaking to you in and from someone or something.

Dedicated to Annie, who is currently my inspiration.

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