Wednesday, December 14, 2005

One's Bliss

When you deeply enjoy the work you do, it is no longer work. It is a Labor of Love, or more accurately, it is Bliss. When you feel contentment or pride at a job well done and people, including loved ones, are better off because of the lasting effects of your Labor and Love, that is profound and true Bliss. I believe it to be a feminine quality, because it takes creativity and nuturing for something worthwhile to come to fruition. Men are capable of blissful creation as well. The Moon Landings are an example. But by and large, men's creations spring from ego and few creations of the Ego stand the test of time. So, do not judge a person by what they do for a living because they may have found their Bliss. If they are happy and content giving themselves and others pleasure in the process, who am I to judge whether they are wrong or not. The narrow way to wisdom is nonjudgement of oneself and others.

I endeavor to get Annie to smile or laugh at least once a day. For now, that Labor of Love is my Bliss. If I can get others to laugh as well, then so much the better. (grin)
Nonjudgmental laughter is a high calling indeed, O Grinning One!
Thank you John for your help today along with the laughter.

You have touched a part of my life.

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