Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not Much to Report

I have had a busy two weeks. I finished it off with a screening colonoscopy and purchasing a new car in the same day. I went in yesterday morning for the exam and got home around 1:30 PM. Slept 2 hours, then ran out and bought a car because the rental car was killing me financially. So, now I have a decent used car with low mileage. Also, the weather turned ugly today and the forecasters were right for a change, mixed sleet and icy roads. Dallas is pretty much shut down tonight. I am going to attempt to brave the roads and see if I can make it into work at 1:00 AM. So, I am putting my new used car on the line to see what it can do. Haven't heard from Annie in several days. Methinks she is busy with the Christmas season and such since even contact with Stacey and George has fallen off a bit. Or perhaps, I shouldn't have said something in an email although I think I am being a bit hard on myself. Women are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma with homage to Winston Churchill. The Universe will work itself out. Maybe I am finally growing up with respect to women if that is even possible for a man to do. My ex-wife still loves me. The problem is that I don't love her fully any more and I left her because it wasn't fair to her, although she probably doesn't see it in that light. We all have to live with ourselves and we all make our own Heaven or Hells on Earth. Perhaps I am suffering needlessly, or perhaps I am doing the right thing. I really don't know myself any more. I know that I am still unconscious in a spiritual sense and still run by my mind even though I try to watch my mind and it's tricks. Blessings to all and I hope you all make your own Heavens on this Earth.
Yessir, I've been out of it alright. Started this 20 hour a week job holding a place for a friend who is having a baby, so got all frizzed out in my new schedule and work scene. Man! You've got a lot going on: physically, mentally, emotionally. Sounds like you are hoping for a close relationship yet fearful it may not be so?
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