Thursday, December 01, 2005

Much Pain

I went in for LASIK surgery Monday. My intraocular implants made waveform analysis useless, so waveform lasik was out. My opthamologist spent 30 minutes taking measurements for conventional lasik. However, when he started the procedure, my right eyeball wasn't smooth enough for the suction cup to apply properly. Therefore, conventional lasik was out. That left PRK. The surface of the eye is sculpted and burned by laser instead of the inner corneal tissues as with lasik. He did say that most people found PRK too painful, but he thought it superior to lasik. What was I to do? So, I told him to do what he thought was right. Well, 11:45 PM that night and I was in agony. Any light hurt. I finally slept and was a little better. Vision was blurry but I could still read. My vision steadily worsened. Yesterday, I couldn't read well enough to type emails. I could barely read anything. My eyes were very sensitive to light and it is only today that I feel no pain and moderate light levels don't hurt. I have had to take sick days because my vision isn't good enough to read computer consoles full time. Hopefully, I will be well enough by tomorrow evening to work. I sincerely hope that this is the last eye surgery I will ever have. I've suffered enough pain and discomfort, although I suppose if push comes to shove I'd go through it all again.
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