Monday, December 19, 2005

The Mind and the Future

The mind can not grasp the future because there are too many variables and random chance for it to deal with. The mind likes order, but God likes Chaos and the order and variation it brings into the world. If humanity makes it. By that statement, I mean, if humanity evolves to the next level and becomes consciously perfect, one with the Sacred we call God, then spiritually every human will be equal each other. But on a physical level, each human will still be distinct and different with different abilities and traits. Each human will perform the function best suited to him or her at the proper time and place, but the "New Earth" will not be a Utopia. All it means is that Mankind will become sane and come back into balance with Nature and the planet we inhabit. Animals are in a state of unconscious perfection spiritually, but no two animals are "equal" on a physical level. Every animal in a species is individually different on a genetic level. Nature is just a molecular dance and humanity is a part of that dance even as we speak. Humanity, humanity with a capital H, humanity that has attained spiritual Enlightenment at the species level will still be part of that molecular dance. The only difference I can see is that men and women will play with form wisely rather than unwisely, assuming that the Sacred chooses to let humans survive and evolve to the next stage. At this time, there is a war going on between Mankind's collective insane Egoic Mind and Mankind's collective primordial Mind. The outcome is not known to me on any level, but even if we don't survive as a species it is not a problem. Ask the birds, the descendants of theropod dinosaurs, if you don't believe me.
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