Monday, December 19, 2005

I Strive to Awaken

I strive to awaken and be sane in an insane world. That I have wants and desires means that I am still identifying with my mind and its needs and desires. While I have glimpses of the real me and Beingness, that is all they are at the moment. What Zen Buddhists call satori. If I write profound thoughts or sayings in this blog means one of two things:
1. I am inspired by Being at that moment in time. I have awakened briefly, or
2. I am repeating spiritual truth or wisdom from a contemporary or ancient source that is resonating with me at that time.

I try to write from Presence and Love. I do not claim to be anything other than an ordinary man trying to find his Path through this world. I make mistakes. I fall down and I pick myself up. I strive to help and love others as I would want to be loved. I am an intelligent man and I have been frustrated by the world in my efforts to do my job and earn a decent living several times in the recent past. In retrospect, my attitude at the time was probably responsible for some of my difficulties with others. I did not take into account the fact that managers would be intimidated or angered by my intellect or my questioning an action on their part that was blantantly absurb from my point of view. It seems people don't like their authority questioned even if they are taking a path that will hurt the company or their customers. My resistance to what is was likely my undoing Or perhaps it was meant to be. I have learned much from my failures and much about how unconscious people in the world around me really are. I am heartened that many are awakening as I am, but many more are still trapped in their minds and causing themselves needless suffering and pain, but I know that all is going according to God's Plan.
I feel as though you were writing of my experiences in the corporate world also. Your joy of life must lie elsewhere. Do what makes you happy.
Such selfish preoccupation is part of the present pain we now experience in the world. So many people rush around doing for themselves. I am sad to be sharing the world with so many whose motto is, do what makes you happiest.
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