Sunday, December 25, 2005

Give the gift of Being, perform active inaction if you can

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Earth. We are really celebrating the birth of the Buddha of Western Civilization, the first glimpse of a new consciousness arising within Western Civilization. Unlike the East, our Buddha was put to death because he was seen as a threat to the Established Authorities of his day. He forgave them all because he recognized that they were asleep and didn't realize what they were doing. They were killing him out of fear, fear of loss of their power and their beliefs from which their power was derived. But they could only kill the body, not the consciousness that inhabited that body, a consciousness that could never be destroyed -- a consciousness in each and every one of us, but that is suppressed by our minds. So, be conscious of who you really are. From that consciousness, that awakening, give the gift of your awakened self to every one you meet. Recognize that everyone who is asleep is a hypocrite, Old Greek for actor. Greek actors wore masks. So, Jesus was calling attention to the fact that almost everyone you meet is a mental mask of his or her mind, an actor. So, recognize the person beneath the mask, if you can. Try not to react to the actor and the acting, but respond to the true Being underneath. Shakespeare was correct, "All the world is a stage and everyone is an actor playing a role on that stage". Isn't it better to be a member of the audience and observe the play rather than act out the drama within the play? Merry Christmas!
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