Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Everyone and Everything is Sacred

The Golden Rule states love your neighbor as yourself. What is left unstated but implied is that your neighbor is yourself. Jesus says in The Gospel of Thomas that the Kingdom of Heaven is all around us yet we do not see it. Jesus also says, "split a piece of wood, I am there. Lift up a stone and you will find me there." Jesus is saying that everyone and everything is sacred and of God. Thus, Christianity joins Buddhism and the Tao Te Ching in espousing a Universal Consciousness in everything and everyone. Tolle espouses this view, but it is not a new one. But then Tolle also mentions that there has only been one spiritual Master who has taken multiple human forms throughout recorded history. Tolle also says that he is that Master now and so can you be that Master once you awaken from the Dream of Form. This is why I know Tolle is authentic, because he does not espouse exclusivity. He is not the only incarnation of God. Everyone is. It's just that he's woken up and most of the rest of us are in different stages of sleep or unconsciousness and we don't KNOW who we are. We may know it on an intellectual level, but we have not fully or completely experienced who we are beyond name and form. Therefore, everyone you meet is yourself. If someone treats you badly, it's not personal. If someone treats you kindly, it's not personal. Everyone is God and God is just interacting with itself, lost in a Dream, experiencing Life in a Dream, starting to wake up from the Dream. I implied that we are all one in a previous entry:

The mind says zero equals death and one is I.
The spirit says there is no zero or one, there is just the Infinite.

I could have said Totality or I Am or Me or God, but the meaning would be the same. So, this Christmas Season, be impersonal and wish everyone you meet good fortune and many blessings because everyone you meet is you.
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