Thursday, December 01, 2005

Even Though...

For Annie....
Even though I walk through a fog of pain, I still love.
Even though my eyes scream in agony, I know the pain will eventually pass.
Even though I begin to regret my decision to see clearly, I still know it was the right thing to do.
Even though I sit in the darkness waiting for the doctor to examine me, I feel peace.
Even though enveloped in darkness I can feel the Light.
Even though everything is a blur, I know I am walking the right path.
Even though we have not yet met, I see and feel you smile and it feels me with warmth.
Even though we are apart, I know we are connected via the heart.
Even though we all seem to stumble around blindly through life, I am very grateful I stumbled into you.

Written 11/29/05
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