Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Best Gift

The best gift you can give any one is of yourself. Give your time and energy for someone you love or care about. When you give of yourself, be there totally. Do not wish you were somewhere else while on this mission or you will corrupt your gift.
Re: the Simple joys
an earlier posting.

i'm curious, you read the power of now and a new earth...and so much focus on one other human being.

what do you think about the concept of ONE without TWO?
My desires towards a woman mean that I am not yet free of my mind. If I were, then needing another would only affect me peripherally. I could acknowledge the need but be in complete Bliss at the core of my Being because beingness is whole. I really don't know though. From what I can tell, there are two Enlightened Beings living together at this time. They completely balance the needs of each other while remaining in a state of Perfection or Bliss. (Therefore, they are fulfilled internally and externally, spiritually speaking.) However, one of them had already attained this state spontaneously (internally without blemish, at peace and bliss), so I don't know what it'd be like for a couple to attempt to attain this state together, although it is certainly possible and perhaps easier than one person trying to attain it solo. I am oscillating back and forth between mind and Bliss. For now, I am seldom in Bliss, but the glimpses let me know that I am on the right track. Evolution has driven the form we are to want or need the opposite gender for the purpose of procreation and survival of the species. Spirituality acknowledges the intelligence that created and shaped our bodies and their inbuilt needs, therefore one must acknowledge and enjoy the body and its needs, while attaining inner peace through dissolution of a dysfunctional egoic mind and ignoring the mind's needs and wants. The problem is distinguishing between the two needs, the real one and the false one. Does this answer your question? Or does it bring up more questions? In fact it is really not a problem unless one makes it a problem.
no problem, just an observation...when all, family, friends, lover, child, self and God are understood to be one, the space for one to be more special than another...disappears.

Holding one body as distinct from another, puts others either on a pedestal or otherwise, always in relation to yourself.

just something to see i suppose.
No, you can be equal spiritually, yet distinct physically. Using the physical world as an example, nature tries all kinds of different variations to find the best specimens in a population. Random mutation, random events and such shape organisms and selective pressures weed out the unfit and such. Each animal is a distinct organism with different traits and abilities. Spiritually, each animal is perfect and identical, but genetically and physically, only some will survive and procreate. Soon, humanity will have the ability to eliminate "bad" genes from our population and eliminate many inbred diseases. I only hope that we have the wisdom to use such power wisely and properly. With the exception of certain vaccine strains of viruses and microbes, we are not there yet in applying genetic engineering wisely, and you could probably argue that all genetic engineering is bad. However, we have been breeding various animals for 100,000 years and that is a form of genetic engineering, so being able to alter specific DNA at whim isn't any more evil than breeding a new type of rose cultivar for gardeners. God plays with forms. If we awaken, then we will be able to play with forms on a conscious enlightened level rather than an unconscious level as we are doing now. My guess is that some scientific breakthroughs will not occur until our consciousness alters because the Universe wants our species contained until we either grow up or kill ourselves off. God doesn't want to loose a contagion of madness within itself, a cancer so to speak. At the species level, we resemble a cancer in more ways than one upon the Earth which can be considered a metaorganism to use a useful analogy.We shouldn't even be thinking about all this because most likely we are wrong because the mind can't grasp the Totality of God's Plan. Better to seek Bliss and then act from Being and let everything sort itself out.
have you considered the possibility that we all are god? every offspring simply a continuation since the original could it be otherwise?

think about it, how could you possibly not be your mother, her mother...your grandfather?
Yes, we are all One spiritually and physically since matter is energy and all energy comes from the Source. This view is not new. One of my friends arrived at it independently. The Tao Te Ching, Buddhism, Christianity, Eckhart Tolle all espouse a Universal Consciousness in all life. In the Gospel of Thomas, this is what Jesus means about "The Kingdom of Heaven is all around us" The second principle of Christianity is love thy neighbor as thyself because your neighbor is yourself is implied. If you read any of Eckhart Tolle's books, you would not have needed to ask the question. God, the Source, is every thing and every being in this Universe. God experiences drama and life through form. God's body is the Universe according to Tolle. So, everything and everyone you meet is yourself and is sacred.
it wasn't a question...i was just very caught by all the 'rights' and 'wrongs, 'good' and 'bads' could they be if all is one?

no need to answer, just think about it...
I never have said that I am Enlightened. While still perceiving through the filter of my mind, I may say this is good or this is bad, but you are correct. Good and bad are meaningless. They are labels my mind places on what happens to me or someone else. It all comes down to perception. From Presence or Being, I will perceive unity, not duality. I will be beyond good or bad, but I have not overcome my mind yet. As Tolle says, most people have to work at waking up. The best you can do is make space so that grace can enter and complete wakefulness will occur. Until that moment occurs, I am doing the best I can. Are you doing the best you can?
BTW, what good and bad, right and wrongs have I referenced? I went back and looked over my recent entries. I haven't put such labels on any recent entries. I've pointed out joys and bliss and little things that make us happy. Things which affect us all positively in a spiritual way. Of course, everything is written through the filter of my mind although I strive to be as transparent as I can when I write these entries. Do you have an agenda, or are you trying to wake me up? Just curious myself.
"From what I can tell, there are two Enlightened Beings living together at this time." how do you define enlightened?

and how could "I" wake "you" up?
Everyone is waking everyone else up in one way or another, either directly or indirectly. Read "The Power of Now", or "A New World" by Eckhart Tolle, or write to him yourself and ask him what Enlightenment means. What I think or believe does not matter. What you think or believe does not matter. It comes down to what you know and experience while your mind is still.

i've read 'the power of now' and 'a new earth', i was responding to your statement that, "there are two Enlightened beings living together..." what are you meaning by 'enlightened'?
Tolle and his partner are living together in the Now. That is what I meant about two Enlightened Beings living together. There is nothing profound in that statement. If you have read those books, then you don't need me to define Enlightened. I would be doing a disservice to you since I only have satori and have only glimpsed the peace that passes all understanding. A glimpse can give one a transient fleeting experience of a mental and emotional state but it doesn't impart the full experience of a complete transformation to that mental and emotional state. It's equivalent to feeling compassion when a stranger dies unexpectedly. You grieve for them a minute or two, but it is not a profound loss. You lose a sibling unexpectantly, suddenly; someone you've known your whole life. You will undergo a transformation and grieve deeply and profoundly because the sense of loss is deeper and greater. So, I don't feel qualified to say what enlightenment is (or define enlightened) until I experience it fully.
if you don't feel qualified to say what enlightenment is, then why state that that is 'how' someone is will not be possible to have a discussion if the language being spoken is claimed to not be you see how pointless that would be?
Talk, talk, talk. You are so clever. Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself on how clever you have been with me. I did not claim that the language being spoken is not understood, just that I don't feel qualified to state definitively what Enlightenment is. We can talk all day about Enlightenment and what it means but it doesn't mean either one of us knows what Enlightenment is until we have both experienced it for ourselves. The word is a pointer to how one perceives the world around him or her. It is not the perception itself. Tolle discussed this in "The Power of Now". The word honey isn't the actual substance it is a label for. Once you taste honey, the word has less significance because you have experienced for yourself what the word honey points to. The same applies to God and Enlightenment. You and I can waste our time all day going back and forth discussing what Enlightenment is, but it's really just a pointless discussion because Enlightenment and God can both only be experienced directly. But you would know this if you have read those two books. Therefore, you are most likely lying to me or have conveniently forgotten some of the key points of the books. You are also being disingenuous because Tolle tells the reader as best he can what Enlightenment is. So, please, less talk and more experiencing.

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