Thursday, December 01, 2005

As I stumble blindly through the Light...

I am partially blind in vision, yet I see clearly through the heart.
It is a beautiful day today. The Sun shines its love through the tree leaves.
The tree leaves gladly accepting this gift, turning this gift of love into nourishment.
I gladly accept what I am given and what I must endure with love.
It is difficult to see the Sun shine through pain;
and at times I had to flee the Light because it was too painful.
Yet, the Sun shines its Love for all, even the painfully blinded.
For I know that the pain will pass and I will again be able to see the Sun's gift.
But that I am not as blind to my fellow men and those who need my Love.
Just as the Sun never meant to cause me pain,
most humans do not intentionally cause me suffering and pain.
Those that do, I must forgive, as I must see through my own self inflicted pain and suffering
and realize that they stem from illusions and delusions
- the blind seeking salvation from the blind.
I am stumbling towards the light,
and I pray that I am helping others along the path of Light and Love.
I pray my heart guide me true this beautiful day towards the Light.
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