Sunday, November 27, 2005

When in Danger...

When in danger, such as a car accident, have you ever experienced fear? In every car accident I've been in, my mind has essentially stopped, no thoughts, no psychological or even physiological fear response. (I have known fear, when I started drowning in a public swimming pool.)I'm just along for the duration of the event as an observer. Even during the Northridge quake in LA, I was fairly detached. I just laid in bed wondering if the ceiling was going to meet me. That is the only thought I really had other than the realization that I was in a fairly big earthquake. My poor little cat was scared almost senseless. She hid under the bed and later in the closet. She chose the safest places to be. She also gulped from fear which I'd never seen a cat do. Most of my fears are baseless psychological fears, phantom what-ifs created by my mind. Does this mean that I have always been insane, or do I know something deep down at some level that it is not my time to go Home yet?
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