Sunday, November 06, 2005


I inadvertently left my passenger door of my car unlocked. It's been my practice to leave my backpack in the car during my workweek, on the front passenger floorboard. Driving into work last night I glanced down and noticed my backpack was gone and the passenger door was unlocked. I've lost about $200 in computer books, spiritual books, one set of audio CDs, a leatherman and my checkbook. The leatherman and possibly one other thing I carried in my backpack were from my brother. The leatherman was the last gift I remember him giving me before he died. What a shame. My credit union's web site has no provision for stop payment on stolen checks, an oversight I will have to inform them of. Guess someone else needed the backpack and its contents more than I did. I suppose the Universe is teaching me a lesson, that I don't need any more Eckhart Tolle books any more. Or it's an indicator that perhaps it's time to move to a better apartment complex that has more law abiding tenants. Other than that, it's a very nice day! Very nice and sunny. Hope everyone is blessed and enjoys the day!
Wow. You have an amazing way of looking at things. Had someone robbed me, I'd be feeling down in the dumps.

I'm sorry that someone stole your backpack, but I'm glad that you are able to look ahead and enjoy the day regardless.
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