Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Reflections through an opaque screen of mind

I wrote the following for someone else, but I wanted to share it with everyone as well. I don't expect you to believe any of it. I would like you to reflect on what is written and reflect on your feelings or intuition. What do they say about what I have written? Am I wrong? Am I wrong because I am regurgitating bit of Spiritual Truth, yet I am not yet I AM!

Here are some truths to ponder.
1. Life will always present you with situations that will enlighten or awaken you if you see the situation from the right perspective.
2. Suffering exists to awaken us to our full spiritual potential. Spiritual awakening is the next step in our evolution.
3. Your purpose here and now is to awaken from the dream that you are a lonely human being in this world. The truth is more beautiful and more profound than your mind can ever grasp or imagine. You are a spiritual being experiencing life as a human.
4. Primary reality is within, secondary reality is without. You can only change the way you experience and see the world. You won't be able to change the world without changing yourself first.
5. Love, joy, bliss are true emotions, come from within. Hatred, anger, anxiety are false emotions and come from your mind. Feelings will get you closer to truth than thinking ever will.
6. Women will become enlightened before men. You live more within your bodies and you create and nuture life as mothers. You KNOW THIS!
7. When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, you have three options: leave it, solve it from wisdom or insight, or accept it totally from wisdom or insight.
8. Insanity is relative. Evil is relative. Both are unconscious behavior of people. Most people are insane and don't realize it. Most people are unconsciously evil and don't realize it. The product is suffering.
9. When you do something out of selfless compassion and love for yourself or someone else, you are awakening. You are most beautiful when you love. You don't have to do anything but love or forgive! Both imply acceptance of the moment!
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