Monday, November 21, 2005

Outcome to today's drama

My heart condition is not treatable. I have a normal sinus rythym (normal heart beat). It's just that the interval between heart beats shifts sometimes giving me an irregular heart beat. There is nothing they can do to correct it. I'm supposed to cut back on caffeine and chocolate. I don't eat as much chocolate as I used to, but I'll die without caffeine. The only two vices I have they want me to cut back! Probably isn't gonna happen. Excuse me, ain't gonna happen!
It's hard to give up on things we love. I should probably eat less fatty foods since having my gall bladder taken out, but I haven't really been paying attention! I sometimes live under the philosophy that I'd rather live a happy life instead of torturing myself to live a long life.
I, too, was given that diagnosis because of a flip-flop feeling in my chest. What my friend called 'like a fish out of water' just before he died of enlarged heart. I still eat chocolate and drink coffee but in more moderation now.
Yep, they told me that stuff too. I just go on living my life.
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