Monday, November 21, 2005


Well, my Mondays are weekends currently on this schedule. It's a gorgeous day. My sleep schedule is still whacked. Oh, I got plenty of sleep, but it wasn't during Sunday. I slept through most of last night and this morning. I've noticed that I have bad breath which for me is a sign that I have a virus or other sickness that has changed my body chemistry and caused me to emit ketones from my breath and have a crappy taste in my mouth. The good news is that I have a doctor's appointment today for a general exam, the first in essentially 10 years. I really don't have anything to report spiritually wise other than I can feel two women that I care about during meditation. Both are very sweet gals. One is a love interest who has a wonderful sense of humor but lives in another city. The other one is really sweet and is quite spiritual. Initally, the second woman had a more powerful connection with me. Now, they seem to be the same. I am guessing that that perception could be my mind fooling me. I am not sure. All I can really do is experience life, live and love fully, and try not to fool myself as most humans do. A tall order. Perhaps I will have something more profound later.
What could be more profound than that? :)
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