Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mind undermining my attempts to stay awake

I divined some information about my job. Supposedly, I am to become unemployed again in January due to cutbacks. I just got this job in March after several months of unemployment and TWC told me that my benefits were exhausted, so I relied on savings and a loan from my ex-wife to make it. I easily paid her back from my tax refund. For a while I was anxious. I know intellectually that my mind is trying to subvert my progress and regain control. I can meditate and hold it at bay, but it like fighting a wild cat. I realize that the future is not yet writ and that what I have perceived may never come to pass. Yet my mind has found an insecurity to latch onto. I realize though that I have always landed on my feet and that times are tough for everyone. I suppose, this is another attachment for me to break so that I can enjoy the Now more fully. Blessings to everyone. Hopefully, I'll have something more profound to write about later.
Profound enough, jb -- the mind wrestling with itself AND your capability of standing to one side and observing. Blessings to you!
You are wise when it comes to how Now is the only thing that matters. We can let our worries get the better of us, OR we can just live Now. Just like you've taught me! :)
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