Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lost in Mind...

One shouldn't be concerned about what Heaven is or is not. Sooner or later, one returns to the Source anyway. One should only be concerned with the present moment and through the present moment giving one's full attention to other's when they need it. Otherwise, one is lost in the mind thinking thoughts about what heaven is or isn't. The Unmanifested is formless. Heaven is formless as well, at least to these senses. Making something formless into a form is a distraction at best and illusion at it's worst. It comes between you and the Now, you and "God", you and your fellow man or woman because 'you" think you are better than him or her. We are all equal, just different. Until we realize this fact, we will be lost, lost to ourselves and lost in thought and we will suffer.

Forgive me for my blindness as I forgive those who are blind to Reality and Truth and Being. May the veil lift from your eyes and you see the World as it truly is and be one with all that is. Namaste!
All right! Get ON it!
Beautifully said, John! I agree - forgive me for my blindness, too!
Hi John,

I started with a formlessness.

But then I started thinking, and immediately this formlessness began to grow in the direction of form. Soon it took a shape.

I examined the shape in my mind and I saw that it was good.

So I spoke to it and allowed it to coontinue to increase in the direction of form. In time it started to gain structure. It was then that I realized what it was and what its purpose was. It was an opinion. And it was about you: You are a very cool guy. :-)
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