Saturday, November 19, 2005

In Answer to Anonymous

Anonymous said...

" I guess there is no such a thing as absolute Truth. What we call truth is just an observation or a statement of a limited or fragmented aspect of reality. There is only reality and we don't really know absolutely what it is. Therefore there is no such thing as enlightenment in the absolute sense. We just become enlightenend
about certain aspects of reality.
This idea of enlightenment is really just an invention of people who never really achieved enlightenment. What really matters is reality itself not enlightenment. Enlightenment has become a four-letter word for many people. "

In the strictest sense, you are correct. The mind can't grasp the totality of reality and human senses are limited in scope. Enlightenment can only be experienced because the word is just a pointer. Enlightenment is an attainable goal. It is the next step in human evolution. It signifies the completion of a process Mankind has been undergoing since Buddha and Jesus awakened 2,000 years ago at the very least. Such people are not controllable because they no longer fear anything. They are either perceived by ordinary people as teachers to be emulated or dangers to be eliminated.
There is reality and there is "Reality". Reality is the Universe evolving and changing before us. The smaller "reality" is the Universe as perceived by humanity. Reality trumps "reality" everytime and it will cause human perception to align with the greater "Totality" sooner or later.
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