Wednesday, November 09, 2005

God's Plan for Mankind - filtered and incomplete

The whole totality of reality on this planet is part of "God's" Plan. Ultimately, the plan is the evolution of consciousness throughout the Universe. At least, that is what it looks like from the material world. According to Tolle, it is perfect and whole in the Unmanifested. "I am the alpha and the omega and I am the Living One." as it states in the New Testament. On Earth, it looks like consciousness is developing or evolving. The Parable of the Lost Son is a case in point. It describes unconscious perfection (animal consciousness), then a stage of conscious imperfection and evil (conditioned consciousness - Mankind in its present state), to the next stage of conscious perfection (breakdown of egoic mind structures and integration of conditioned consciousness with primordial consciousness). The cross is a symbol of suffering and acceptance of what is. Suffering is necessary to breakdown the egoic mind. Even if Mankind doesn't make it, nothing will be lost. Some other form will arise on the planet for conscious perfection to evolve. I hope we all do make it. I enjoy being human. But it all comes down to choice. At some conscious level, it will be decided whether the next stage is attainable or not. If it is not, the slate will be wiped clean and the process will be started anew. The fact that Tolle even exists is a sign that we will probably make it to the next stage, but since we are bound by time and probabilities and choice (at least in these bodies), the final result is still up in the air. Take into account that I am still unconscious or insane and the part of me that "knows" what is going on is disconnected from the part that is writing this.
jb, our views are so very similar. I appreciate your ability of expression.
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jb, our views are so very similar. I appreciate your ability of expression.
Well, I sent this about 4 times until I looked up and saw my comment will be visible after blog owner approval. So much for awareness. But I am a persevering sort. Am I approved?
Yes, yes, yes! It is so cool to *meet* someone with the same ideas.

If people only understood this, then there would not be a fight over Evolution vs Christianity. They both come from the same place! The previous models - the ones before Adam - whose remains we keep finding, were just forms that didn't evolve to awareness.

Each time, the one who made us improves the model. And I totally believe that you are right. If this model doesn't evolve, we will be wiped out and a new one will be tried. The bible all but says this in Revelations. But that chapter is so bizarrely written that only those with *eyes to see and ears to hear* understand it.

I do believe that there are souls who will be invited to experience the next model and work on its evolution. These souls include the great teachers of our current model, and others who understand and are giving their very lives to further this cause. I hope I will be one of them.

You are mostly right. Your belief doesn't matter though. Remember nothing is lost. No souls will be left behind even should they choose not to evolve. We are all God essence. Any exclusivity implies ego. There is no such thing as special souls. All souls are from the One. Every soul has it's part to play in the symphony of Life.
Hey! Your choice of words was interesting, because I didn't use either exclusivity or special in my post. Exclusivity means you are excluded. I didn't say that at all. Everyone has a chance to evolve, but you have to make the choice to do it. If you don't make that choice, you will be left behind - in a sense. You will remain at the lowest level of heaven - or at least at the level you were at when they got sick of this model.

There are souls that are more evolved than others. There are those that reside in higher levels of heaven that help the rest of us evolve. And there are souls that are older. An older soul does not mean a more evolved soul. Your evolvement depends on how you spend your time on earth. So, I agree that every soul has it's part to play, but, it is also every souls goal to evolve, to make it all the way back to the One. I certainly don't want to be at ground zero when they start over.

Do you know the levels of heaven about which you speak, or is it just a belief. The exclusivity I was speaking about wasn't about exclusivity of souls, but exclusivity of your mind. You are making the formless a form with your mind. You are concerned with levels of heaven and social levels of souls. Is that so? If we are all energy, then wouldn't Buddha consciousness have one frequency or energy level. It's only on this plane that it's frequency changes due to interaction with conditioned consciousness (the mind and pain body). But the last sentence could be construed as a belief, except I have felt my pain body and I have felt my Being or soul briefly awaken. Home or Heaven is whole and perfect as is God. It's only in this Universe that we perceive evolution taking place. Should we be concerned about what home looks like when we are living and playing in this Universe? Shouldn't we just be concerned with the Now because that is where freedom lies, choice lies, love lies? This planet is our home NOW, our playground Now, our Heaven Now. Isn't this Universe the Heaven of which you speak? After all, it comes from the One. This Universe is still part of the One. Souls exist in different energy levels and social levels here. Everything is sacred here as well as at our other "Heaven". It's just that things are constantly changing here. Thank you. I knew on an intellectual level that everything around us is sacred, but now I know it spiritually thanks to this discussion.
Why is it a hard concept that Heaven has levels? The Bible says "as above so below".

I know the levels of heaven, I have experienced them. The teacher I study with teaches that there are levels of heaven, and he has shown some of them to me. But I can only go up to a certain level unless specifically invited to go higher. I can go down any level I want to. It is my job to help those at levels lower than the one I am on. And it is the job of those on levels above me to help me and those on my level or lower.

You are correct about only being able to evolve here. When you are in heaven you don't evolve. You get training that will help you evolve when you come back to earth. But you have to do the evolving while here.

I think we are all part of the One. The One separated parts of itself and flung them to the winds. The One put all these enticements out there to see which parts could ignore them and come back all the way. Ignoring, or working around, some of the enticements will get you part of the way back. It may take you several lifetimes to make that small step. While you are in heaven you are in school to learn how to come back further - or graduate to the next class so to speak. But you have to come to earth to apply it - back in the middle of all these distractions.

Am I concerned with levels? You betcha! Am I concerned with more than just Now? Definitely. When one expands awareness, they are able to see some of the past, the now, and some of the future. Why be limited to just the Now? (I could go on and on, but I really must get to work!)
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