Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The False Self

Pretty much everything you just read in the previous entry is the 'little me" - the False Self. I AM is happy at this moment. I AM doesn't fear death because it knows the illusion for what it is. I refuse to suffer for the "little me".
Love and bliss to all.

Forgive me for my fears and anxious moments. Forgive me for fearing an illusion, for I KNOW there is only life and there is no true death! Forgive me for falling asleep into the dream, however briefly. For I KNOW the TRUTH and it has set me free. May I awaken and stay awake in the here and NOW!
We all suffer from the little self. And just so you know, my little self worries about your little self. Even if worrying is just an illusion, it happens!

You have done nothing to be forgiven for. Who would do the forgiving? There is no one to forgive and no one to do the forgiving.
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