Monday, November 14, 2005

Everything is sacred

This Universe comes from the One Source of all Life. The Universe of Form is a subset of the Formless, or as Tolle says, the Manifested is a temporary aspect of the formless Unmanifested. The Unmanifested dwells in "Heaven". Yet, isn't this Universe and this planet all derived from the Unmanifested. Isn't this place a subset of Heaven. Isn't everything as sacred here as in our other "home". In Heaven, everything is perfect and whole, "I am the alpha and omega and I am the Living One"; Buddha Consciousness pure and radiant. Only in this Universe is Buddha Consciousness clothed by matter (condensed energy), hidden by mind (conditioned consciousness). So, Buddha Consciousness on this planet emits at its true frequency, but due to the interaction of matter and mind we might not see it or perceive it as so. Jesus said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is all around you, yet you don't see it." and "Split a piece of wood and I AM there, lift up a stone and you will find ME there." Tolle simply says that everything you see is sacred because everything has "God" essence. This planet and the Universe can then be considered Heaven. When people speak of different levels of Heaven, they are unwittingly speaking of this planet/Universe where souls exist at different social levels due to different levels of consciousness. This Universe where we have different scales of length from microscopic to planets, solar systems, galaxies and galaxy clusters. It's the only thing that makes sense. Heaven doesn't need to evolve, but "heaven" which is this Earth and this Universe does. Is this so? Thanks Gretchen.
We see/experience similarly, jb.
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