Friday, November 25, 2005

English Translation of Ovid by David Drake

Ovid. For those who don't know, David Drake is a military scifi author best known for his Hammer's Slammers series about a mechanized mercenary battalion in the far future. I can only guess that I like his writings because he tells it like it is, as I am not a veteran. War is not pretty. Death in wartime is not pretty. He does not espouse the Homeric ideal as War is glorious or that Death in war is glorious and honorable. Death is just final and if you are very lucky, quick, and fairly painless. If you aren't lucky, you die by degrees, mostly psychologically, sometimes physically. I'm not sure I do these descriptions justice. You should read "Grimmer than Hell", "Redliners", one of the Hammer's Slammers books, or any of his other fine short story anthologies.
Okay, I'll see if the downtown library may have copies. If not, I'll hit the bookstores. Thanks for the reading tip, John.

Death has been and is my ally. I die daily. And rise again. To die some more. And rise again. That Zen "no clinging" thing fits in here somewhere.
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