Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Diverting people's attention from economic issues to "values" issues

Was reading Scott Adam's blog, Dilbertblog

Illuminating. In the weasel poll section, he found that people worry more about the debate over intelligent design than price gouging by oil companies. Very tongue in cheek, hilarious blog. From his blog:

"The biggest surprise to me was in the Weaseliest Behavior category where gas gouging lost out to Advocating the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools. Apparently most people would rather be robbed than exposed to additional unproven theories. This could be a valuable tool for muggers who don’t like guns. “Give me your wallet or else I’ll explain the concept of irreducible complexity!”

The United States (including Iraq) won again this year as Most Weasely Country. But by next year, Iraq will be a thriving democracy and all of the bad feelings will be a distant memory. I am confident that our efforts in Iraq will work because we’re employing a clever strategy that comedian Larry Miller describes as “driving around until people shoot at us.” How could that NOT work? "

The poll was very unscientific, yet it does bother me that people are more passionate about ideas concerning how we got here instead of being robbed by speculators in the oil commodities markets. Are we losing the war against ignorance on several fronts?

Bob Lewis, a friend and author of the KJR Newsletter,KJR Newletter , explained it thus:
"I believe it's the book "What's the Matter with Kansas" (Thomas Frank, 2004)
that explains this phenomenon - it's a matter of diverting the conversation
to "values" in simplistic ways."

So, basically, the Republicans are using a cynical strategy whereby they attack someone or something based on their "values" to undermine the opponent's credibility with the voters. Meanwhile, the Republican's economic policies are undermining the lives of the very voters who support them. Sad. Sad and insane.

Sooner or later, people will wake up and see where their lives are headed hopefully. Assuming it's not too late and all the jobs haven't migrated to another country. It's amazing that Delphi has plenty of business. The management doesn't intend to take a paycut, yet they want the UAW to take a 66% paycut and work for $9.00/hr. Now, $20/hr is a reasonable wage if cuts are needed for your employer to make a profit, but asking workers to take 66% paycuts while management doesn't take any is hypocrisy and insane. That the American taxpayer will bail out yet another company from having to pay pension benefits is just as bad. This doesn't even take into account the loss of wages will have on the tax revenues of the localities dependent upon the Delphi plants' workers. Corporations are taking advantage of the system and all of us will be paying for the greed of a few individuals. Government isn't supposed to reward individuals for screwing society in general. Such individuals should be punished.
Hello John,

I am enjoying your post.

Don't forget that most of the "victims" of gas gouging are probably unknowinly holding stock that stock. So the victims are the villians and they do not even know it.

LOL at (including Iraq).

I agree, corporate wellfare is a big problem. But I try not to think about problems that I am not willing to act on. Thinking is a substitute for action as well as for being.
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