Sunday, November 27, 2005

According to

According to a Policy Forum article in the latest Science magazine, 1 out of three women worldwide (15 locations studied) is or has been physically abused in some form by a current or former partner. The abuse can be either physical beatings or any form of rape. Now, 15 sample points globally seems a bit small. Some of the places registered 66% abuse. Most of the locations were the developing world. So, I am not sure if we have a bias in the results.I believe it abhorrent for a man to hit a woman. I think it insane for the woman to put up with such abuse. I remember reading that gun control critics don't like the following fact: women with guns are less likely to be assaulted and killed. In other words, guns help women protect themselves. My father told me a long time ago that guns are the great equalizer in a fight. When it comes to women equalizing their chances against men in a violent situation, guns have a positive effect on women's survival. Is this natural selection in action?.
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