Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Day in the Life of...

Well, haven't been on here for a while. Still employed ...Thank the Universe! Still not enlightened, but am making space for when it will happen. Katrina has come and gone. Texas will suffer the task of caring for the poor of New Orleans. The hurricane may be a blessing in disguise for the city. It is yet to be seen though. Gas prices are high. We are being monitored at work ever more stringently. We are now having to do AUP notifications for clients which is a bad idea. Half of those poor couls are infected with some worm that is using their system for spam proxy or some such. It's all just a mess. Jade Wood is suing ACS and her lawyers have finally woken up and smelled MONEY! It's incredible. A month ago, she was still depressed and hurting from knee replacement surgery, then MetLife cancels her disability policy. Bad idea! She got angry and this is one woman you don't anger. She is now suing the insurance company and ACS for fraud and the lawyer says that her case is solid. Perhaps one day, she'll actually get her settlement. :-) Perhaps one day, Brian and Jade will pay me back for all the times I gave them money to tide them over to payday. :-) I've lost count of what I've given them, but it's got to be around $2000. Well, I knew then that they probably weren't going to be able to pay me back. What are friends for. Not much more to add. The world is warmer. More polar bears died this year due to drowning. They were unable to swim to land. Meanwhile, politicians claim that there is no global warming and they've tried to make global warming into a political issue when it's a very real issue that will probably affect everyone on the planet. Reality trumps politics everytime. When that happens, leaders usually lose more than public opinion. They usually lost their lives in the past. After all, they were closest to the Gods and in the good times, the Gods favored them. The bad times meant that they were being punished. Amazing how people say they want to live the Bible, but we don't live like those people lived. Otherwise, there would be no political dissent, no choice, no interpretation of God's word, but some priest telling us what "God" said. Now we just need to make one more change in perception as a race and move to the next stage of human evolution before it's too late. I hope we make it.
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