Sunday, October 30, 2005

Birthday Today

Finished last day at work. Birthday started during my shift. Time change has thrown me off. It's been a good day to mark the 44th orbit around the Sun of my life. At friends' now for dinner. They are watching the Exorcist Prequel. I'd rather not, so I'm writing this blog. Heard Berlioz's Symphony Fantasque (sp) on the way over. Just the last 8 minutes, but even that fragment was beautiful! Only thing more beautiful than a Classical Symphony is a woman. :-) Only a few woman are as timeless though.

Hope Jade gets her disability check in. I promised to give them the money if they don't get the check in. Guess we'll know in a few days what the future holds there. For now though, it's been a nice birthday! Quiet. Nice warm day, not too hot, not too cold - just right! A Goldilock's Day!

Brought Richard Pryor DVD's with me. Hope they watch them instead of another horror flick. Maybe more later.
Hi, it's me again. :) I know this is WAAAAAY late, but happy belated birthday!
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