Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Awaken! The end is near if we don't awaken soon...

Spoke with Uncle John who lives in England. Illuminating discussion. While deathly ill, he had what seems to be a revelation. He has decided to write his book about the New Earth that is to come - the social and political structures that will arise after the dissolution of the current structures. They will be saner and will promote the flowering of human consciousness that is occurring now. While Eckhart Tolle espouses the completely spiritual, inner transformation via objective observation of one's own mind, my Uncle believes that the inner transformation can be helped from without by external factors and those factors are forming as I write this. There is a sense of urgency here. Mankind is on the brink of desroying itself. My Uncle believes that within 50 years, we will affect the global climate to such an extent that it will cause the rapid demise of humanity. We have only 25 years to correct our madness and begin fixing our collective unconscious behavior and damage. There is good news though. Only 6 Enlightened individuals are necessary to catalyze the transformation of human consciousness to the next evolutionary stage - the stage where we aren't governed by our minds but transcend them. Three such individuals exist on the planet now. I'm know that two must be in Vancouver, British Columbia. Perhaps all three are there. So we just need three more people to consciously give up their mental anguish and suffering. What my Uncle told me distressed me greatly. I once attended a lecture by the former Editor-in-Chief of Scientific American at the CSEOL banquet at UCLA in 1994 or so. He figured that we had about 200 years before we were in trouble, but we needed to start putting long range solutions into effect soon. Another member of CSEOL mentioned later that the speaker was being very optimistic and confronted him about it. The speaker acknowledged the man's argument and said that pessimistically, we only maybe had 125 years or so. If my Uncle is correct, then even the worst case scenario is off by a factor of two in its time estimate. He's never been wrong to my knowledge. Of course, on a cosmic scale, nothing real will be lost if the worst occurs. We would all come back in a different form and take up where we left off as life attains self-consciousness and continues to evolve. I like being human and it seems like a colossal wasted effort if we kill ourselves off due to insanity, greed and utter stupidity. I hope that we all awaken from our dream of separateness and loneliness very, very soon.
This is off-topic to this particular post, but I read your comment on zenjew's blog about how you got fired for giving away an Eckhart Tolle book. I think that's completely sad. All you were doing was being a generous soul.
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